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Galvatech (Pty) Ltd. is centrally located in Bellville South Industrial, in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. We specialise in corrosion protection and offer a wide array of services in the industry.

We are associated with various projects in the Western Cape region as well as projects across Southern Africa and abroad.

Founded in 1993, Galvatech (Pty) Ltd. is driven by three qualified engineers and with dedication and enthusiasm, noted as one of the market leaders today.

The company specialise in the fields of Hot Dip Galvanising (ISO 1461 / SANS 121), Abrasive Grit Blasting (Sand Blasting and Shot Blasting), Powder Coating (Epoxy Coating), Industrial Spray Painting (Conventional Wet Spraying), PVC Coating, FBE Coating (Fusion Bond Epoxy) and Zinc Metal Spraying.

Our Facility Offers:

Galvanising Kettle: 7500mm (Long) x 1500mm (Wide) x 2600mm (Deep)

Grit Blasting Booth: 15000mm (Long) x 5000mm (Wide) x 5000mm (High)

Powder Coating Oven: 7400mm (Long) x 1600mm (Wide) x 2600mm (High)


Our Team

Marcel le Roux

General Manager

Christof Krugmann

General Manager

Chris Vos

Senior Production Manager

Liaan Visser

Marketing Manager / Quotes

Marvi May

Production Manager

076 219 9713

Clive Bredenkamp

Sales Executive / Quotes

Services we offer

Galvatech strives to be your corrosion protection partner of choice. We offer speedy turn-around times, a pick-up and delivery service and technical assistance by qualified engineers. This all contributes to Galvatech's outstanding service delivery.
ISO 1461 / SANS 121 certification available on request.

  • Hot Dip Galvanising

    The process of coating iron and steel with a layer of zinc by immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc.

  • Abrasive Grit Blasting

    The process of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material under high pressure against a surface in order to prepare the surface for coating application.

  • Industrial Spray Painting

    Wet sprayed paint coatings that is commonly used for industrial applications.

  • Zinc Metal Spraying

    An alternative method to apply a zinc coating to steel articles. Requires grit blasting before application and sealing with a suitable paint afterwards.

Galvatech Services
  • Powder Coating

    A process where powder is applied to steel articles and baked where aesthetics is of utmost importance.

  • FBE Coating

    Fusion bonded epoxy coating is an epoxy-based powder coating that is widely used to protect steel.

  • PVC Coating

    A thermoplastic coating powder which is applied to steel articles in order to provide tough long lasting coatings ideal for exterior applications.

Powder Coating Colours

PVC Colours

PVC Gloss Green

PVC Gloss Red

PVC Gloss Black


PVC Gloss Grey


PVC Gloss Pipe Blue


Fusion Bond Epoxy

Fusion Bond Epoxy Gloss Pipe Blue

Fusion Bond Epoxy Gloss Black

Fusion Bond Epoxy Satin Iron Grey


Epoxy Powder Coating Colours

Gloss White (Flash)

Flame Red

Satin Black

Matt Black

Gloss Black

Iron Grey

Signal Blue

Texture Orange

Matt Charcoal

Matt Swartz Grey

Gloss Swartz Grey

Grey Charcoal Gloss

Traffic Yellow

Chocolate Brown

Sand paper Black

Moss Green

Matt White (Hipca)

Matt Bronze

Telkom Blue

Textured White

Window Grey Primer

Tiger Zinc Primer

Clear Gloss

Matt Dust Grey

Antique Silver Vein

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